Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mad Dash

Sunday got off to a frenetic start. We were staying in Swiss Cottage, North London but we had to be at the Victoria Coach Station at 6:15 am (one hour before our departure to Dublin). We didn't leave the Hostle till almost 6:00 am. The Distance is about 5.5 miles and should take about 2o minutes. Our plan was to take the tube and get there sooner. The problem is that the tube dosen't start running until 7:00 am on Sundays. I've never been up that early in London before so I never even thought about it.

On to Plan B, take the bus. You are now required to pre-purchase bus tickets before you board the bus. To do this you must use exact CHANGE at a KIOSK near the bus stop. I didn't have any change so I had to find a store that was opened at 6:00 am on a Sunday. On our route the bus only comes every 20 minutes or so, so I had to hustle.

We managed to catch a bus soon afterwards and made our way down to the Victoria Rail Station. From their, rather than kill Jennifer with all of her bags, we took a cab two blocks to the Coach station. We ended up checking in for our coach around a quarter to seven and all was well.

As we departed for Dublin, the route we followed seemed all too familiar. After all that scrambling and stress, we ended up traveling down the exact same streets that we had just taken to the coach station only in reverse. The final insult was passing by Swiss Cottage Underground Station and the hostel where our arduous journey had begun.

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